Fun things to do with your friends instead of drinking

Drinking is fun because everyone is more interesting when drunk. Drinking alcohol has become a common activity among teenagers and adults these days.  I live in a city where getting drunk is the only fun thing to do on a Friday night. Because what else is there to do besides getting drunk?

But when you face reality and decide you can't spend all your time on sticky floors anymore or drunk text every cute guy in your phone list, you realize that there are more fun things to do with your friends besides drinking alcohol.

But when you face reality and decide you can't spend all your time on sticky floors anymore or drunk text every cute guy in your phone list, you realize that there are more fun things to do with your friends besides drinking alcohol.

I listed a few alternative night outs and things to do on a weekend instead of clubbing and getting drunk:

1. Have a board game night
   Thinking of what to do after a long day with your friends that doesn't involve money? Play board games. We're talking about old school monopoly, speak out and Cluedo. Get everyone around and start playing. We've known game nights to last way longer than night outs. Why not try playing board games on a Friday night. You can even spice it up a little bit by giving dares or penalties. Who says playing board games isn't fun?

2. Go mountain climbing
  Sometimes it's nice to have your go-to hiking buddy to do crazy things with, but other times it would be really fun to have all of your friends with you while experiencing the great outdoors. Have you ever felt jealous of those other group of friends who can go on a crazy adventure while you're just sitting there with them chugging that beer and contemplating the ways how to turn this night out into an amazing one? Mountain Climbing is way more fun and exhilarating than getting drunk. Grab everyone and drag that lazy friend who doesn't want get out of comfort zone. Happy Hiking!

3. Go to concerts
 Where are all those friends your suppose to have gone on road trips with and concerts? Now is the time. Yes, concerts are pretty expensive, but why not try this: Help them afford that concert by having a collection of funds for everyone. That feeling when you finally have all your friends agreeing to go to concerts with you is awesome. But do you know what's more awesome? If you guys all agreed and bought that ticket.

4. Eat a fancy restaurant or go on a food adventure
    Nothing brings people together like food. With all the money you are saving for alcohol, why not buy some pretty decent food instead. Use a night out with friends to focus on the food and not the accompanying drinks. Food is and always will be a great way to share real conversation with your friends. You can even host one at home, you can try to cook dinner for your friends or organize a potluck where everyone can bring their own specialties. Have the time to bond with them while enjoying a scrumptious meal.

5. Go on shopping
   Friends that slay together, stay together. Go on a shopping spree with your girlfriends. Take that friend of yours who really needs a change of wardrobe. Nothing beats retail therapy. It relieves stress and anxiety. Instead of wasting money on beer, why not shop with your friends and buy that denim jacket you've been dying to have.

6. Travel with friends
   Easy to say but traveling requires a lot of time and money. But what do you think is the best way to do with all the time and money you spent on drinks? Travel. Traveling with your friends can be an epic experience. Friends who travel together form closer bonds and have better experiences. Even when we return from the trip we took with them, we will always treasure those memories and share them for the rest of our lives. Nobody could ever take those away. Convince your friends to pack their bags and go on road trips with them.

7. Workout!
   We all have fitness goals right? Why not take a class together with your friends. The more the merrier should be your motto for working out with friends. You can motivate each other directly into a whittled waistline. It's really hard to push yourself to go to the gym but if you know that your friends are waiting for you or won't pound the pavement, it's tough to bail out and you'll actually show up. Working out with friends is pretty cool because you'll have more fun time to catch up and lose that ugly beer belly.


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