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Comedian "Ate Glow", Shocked Netizens with His New Life in London after marrying his British Boyfriend!

Glow was born Rene Boy Facunla in March 10, 1981. She was the fourth child in a family of four. Glow says that there was never any problem for her parents, including her police officer father, regarding her gender identity. She began to learn about her gender identity when she was three or four years old realizing that she isn't a straight male. She was said by her father to be feminine but Glow has stated that she wasn't the "typical gay" during her childhood who likes to play Barbie dolls and prefers tumbang preso and luksong baka which she describes as games for boys.
Glow was an honor student and joined extra-curricular activities during her elementary and high school years. She described herself as a flamboyant and talkative person who was involved in extracurricular school activities which involves teaching dance, singing and play-acting. She attended the University of the Philippines where she graduated from college.

Ate Glow became best known for her comedic im…

Woman had 50 Plastic Surgeries in Order to Look Like her Idol Angelina Jolie

People are always trying to improve the way they look, whether it be through natural means or artificial procedures. It is human nature to want to look one’s best, or in some cases, to covet other people’s looks. First, there was the woman from Russia who underwent more than 100 plastic surgeries to look like a real-life Barbie doll. Then there was the man from Brazil who had more than 50 procedures to look like a Ken doll. Now, another woman’s story along with her photos has been making its rounds online. Meet Sahar Tabar from Teheran, Iran, who had 50 plastic surgeries just to look like her idol, Hollywood star Angelina Jolie!

According to German newspaper, Sahar only had one wish above everything else – to look like her idol, Angelina Jolie. To achieve this she willingly went through 50 procedures and shed 90 lbs. just to attain the look that she had always coveted. 

At the age of 22, Sahar Tabar has already had numerous procedures such as having her lips enlarged with fille…

7 Pinoy Celebrities Who Have Denied Having Plastic Surgery


Nowadays, beauty is no longer measured by the purity of your heart but rather looks alone. With the advent of mew technologies that can make you beautiful in an instant, one can simply become as they wanted to be provided they have the money to spend.  Celebrities need to constantly evolve and improve not just their craft, but also their looks. They need to look better and maintain their youthful glow if they're to sustain their career. We've listed a couple of celebrities who we think have gone under the knife  With the art of makeup, contouring ticks, and Photoshop. We might never-ever -know. But here's a rumored list of celebrities who have denied having plastic surgery:
1. Toni Gonzaga

One of the most bankable actresses denies having plastic surgery. But in some of her photos, the actress had a nose lift and face contouring which attributed to "OA" makeup. She also had a scar removal above her lip which was caused by an accident during a commercial shoot. 
2. Kim C…

The Cutest Daddy-Daughter Bonding Moments of Richard Gomez and Juliana Gomez


Nothing beats the love of a father has for his daughter. 
 Richard Gomez is the sweetest dad to her only daughter, Juliana Gomez. It's commendable how cool Richard can be, spending some quality time with his 16-year old daughter, enjoying simple joys like eating ice cream whilst out and about in a mall.
It only takes a quick scan of Juliana's Instagram page to know that she is close to her dad, Richard Gomez, and Mom, Lucy Torres. 
Juliana often shares photos of their bonding moments and pays tribute to them on special occasions. 

Julia got her deep, dark eyes and beautiful tanned skin from her dad. Their father and daughter bonding is so cute which can be seen in their Instagram posts. 

From the many sports and outdoor activities they do together to Richard being the most adorably annoying Instagram dad that he is, here is a compilation of the sweetest moments of our favorite daddy-daughter duo:

Girl gets Leg Stuck in a Drain while Texting and Walking

A Skinny  Chinese teenager was left stuck after her entire leg got wedged in a storm drain. The unnamed teenager had been walking down a street in Mianyang City, in southwest China while using her mobile phone to text a friend. Unfortunately she wasn't looking where she was going, and when she stepped on a drain her legs went straight through the grill leaving her wedged.

Onlookers tried to help, but after realising that she was completely stuck, called emergency services who arrived and freed her after a 45 minute ordeal. “We managed to remove the bars and quickly freed her once we arrived at the scene,” Fire brigade spokesman Ming Lai said.

“Her leg was a bit scratched and bruised and numb from being squeezed through the bars, but she quickly recovered and did not need hospital treatment.” Eyewitness Jun Niu who posted snaps online said: “She was more embarrassed than anything else, she covered her face up with her hands when people were gathered around and it was clear she didn’t…

Pinoy Celebrity stars in their 30's: How They Looked 10 Years Ago

We have compiled a list of famous actresses from Showbiz industry and how they looked 10 years ago. 

The Philippines have produced some very talented actors and actresses, many of whom have gone star in comedies, dramas, horror movies and many more.
Since 2006, All of these celebrities have been visible. But have you checked how they looked d10 years ago?
Here's how they looked 10 years ago and the status of their career now: 
1. Angel Locsin, 30

Angel Locsin became the lead star of 'Majika', 'Mulawin' and top-billed three movies. She became GMA's primetime Queen until she transferred to ABS-CBN in 2007 and became known in her teleserye 'LOBO' in 2008. 
Angel is now one of the famous actresses in Showbiz.

2. Roxanne Guinoo, 30

  Ten years ago, Roxanne was one of the Kapamilya network's busiest teen stars. She became part of 'Crazy For You' and became a Star Magic artist. Roxanne left showbiz after she gave birth in 2o10. 
3. Katrina Halili, 30

Jericho Rosales' Super Chill Home Feels Like an Afternoon at the Beach

With a home like this, you'll never want to leave.

For someone who's busy and into different passions like surfing, acting, and motorcycling, Jericho Rosales comes home to a relaxing space where he can indulge in a good night's sleep with his wife, Kim Jones.

Designed by prominent interior designer Buji Libarnes, Jericho's friend and surfing buddy, the actor's home embodies his laidback, beach and adventure-loving personality from the color palette used to the large windows and decorative plants in his modern home.

Jericho's house is a modern dream- with cleanliness, large windows, and spaces meant for taking a break and entertaining friends. 

Check out his awesome modern and laidback Home:

His best friend designed the house in 2015 and it highlights an all white, minimalist structure. 

Most of the windows in the house are kept bare to let in breeze and sunlight. 

The abundance of natural light streams in through the sliding doors and windows.


88-Year-Old Grandma Takes Hilarious Selfies after Learning How to Use a Camera for the First Time

Meet Kimiko Nishimoto, an 88-year-old grandma who went viral over the internet because of her hilarious photos. 
Kimiki was 71 years old when she first held a camera. Her son brought her to one of his photography classes and taught her how to use one. 

Now, 88 years old, Kimiko can't stop taking pictures. She shows others that taking pictures can be fun. Most of her snapshots focus on nature and colorful abstract designs.  
Kimiko takes pictures that will definitely make you laugh your heart out. 
A lot of netizens were attracted to her pictures because even with her old age, she never forgets to enjoy what she does. 
Look at her funny selfies!

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