Astonishing Transformation of a Woman born with no Chin and Protruding Teeth after Undergoing incredible surgery to re-build her face

A teenager who was born with no chin is now completely unrecognisable after she underwent extensive plastic surgery to rebuild her face. Wijitpraphorn Punbu, 19, from Thailand, revealed how she faced years of relentless bullying because she was born with protruding teeth and a collapsed jaw.

But the teenager"s life changed when she won a TV talent show and was flown to South Korea on an all-expenses paid trip to undergo extensive plastic surgery.  The dramatic results are revealed in these incredible before and after photos. 

Wijitpraphorn, who is known by her nickname Fon, said: "Until I had the surgery I had a sad and lonely life, people would tease me all through my life and it hurt. "I feel I can now go out and not feel ashamed or embarrassed of how I look."

Her jaw and protruding teeth also led to excessive snoring and problems eating, which in turn caused issues with her digestion system.   The teenager is the most recent winner of Korean TV show Let Me In, which sees thousands of contestants battle it out in the hope of receiving free plastic surgery. 
A panel of judges assess the contestants" medical and mental conditions, and weigh up how surgery would improve their lives, before deciding on a winner. 

Wijitpraphorn said she missed her mother and sister during her three-month stint in Korea. But she added: "It"s all been worth it. After all, there"s nobody that says they don"t want to be beautiful." 

Source: The Sun


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