Netizens Puzzled over Ellen Adarna's Muted Video that was Posted in the Social Media!

A few days ago, Ellen Adarna posted a muted video of herself that had netizens puzzled. The reason behind the muting have yet to be revealed, but netizens are already hard at work trying to decipher Ellen’s hushed words.

One of the most talked about couples nowadays is Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz, especially since the two are neither confirming nor denying anything about their rumored relationship. Despite sharing a few intimate photos of them together on social media, the two celebrities continued to keep mum on the issue of Ellen’s reported pregnancy.

It looks like Ellen will continue to keep silent over the matter – after all, she just posted a short video message to her followers on Instagram, but without any sound.

Most of the netizens commented on what they decipher over the muted video like “She said I’m pregnant already yung last part life is short.”  “Im pregnant dude. youre talking about me blah blah hahahhaa live soon.” “the last part she said was “half truth” “She said im pregnant already aahmm.. Tapos they decide to settle life’ cute? Haha short cut na na gets ko.”

Unfortunately, these assumptions have neither been confirmed nor denied by Ellen Adarna herself but it sure was fun and challenging for netizens to try and guess what the 29-year-old celebrity said. Reportedly, Ellen’s ex-boyfriend Baste Duterte commented a congratulatory remark on Ellen’s muted post.

Source: TNP Today


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