Take a Glimpse of Sharon Cuneta's Grand Christmas Celebration with Family

For the Megastar Sharon Cuneta, the holidays are all about family. In a recent interview with Sharon, she shared rhat she has intimate plans for the coming Christmas, just a family diner with her husband and all of her children. 

Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Kiko Pangilinan prepared a wonderful feast on Christmas Eve for their loved ones and family. 

In a series of videos she posted online, the video shows aprt of Sharon's house and its beautiful Christmas Set-up. The video started Sharon and Kiko touring us around their home. Before they eat, we can hear KC's beuatiufl prayers as her boyfriend Aly stands beside her.  

Sharon presented their beautful home and their fancy dinner table. There were appetizers of fruits, cheese, cold cuts, crackers and sweets, their guests and loved ones feasted on while on the terrace overlooking the city lights.

Couple KC Concepcion and Aly Borromeo also shared a couple of sweet moments as she led everyone to a beautiful prayer before devouring the delcious-looking roast chicken and pasta.

Sharon is known for her  humble and genrous personaltiy, she even threw an epic and grand Holiday party for ther houehald staff before Christmas. From having sumptuous food and drinks, parlor games to raffle prizes and loads of lughter, Megastar Sharon Cuneta ensure that her loved ones had a jolly good time during the Holidays. 

It was a great celebration of love and family. 

source: tnp.today


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