Viral: OFW Dad surprised his Children by Disguising as Fastfood Crew

The life of an overseas Filipino worker is never easy. They have to endure the pain of being away from their family in order to provide them with a better way of living. Although it may be a hard sacrifice, most pinoys still prefer to work as an OFW because the pay is quite promising than the same job here in the Philippines.

However, it is a sad truth that because OFWs are away from their family for a long time, their children can no longer recognize them and they need to do additional effort for their beloved children to atleast be able to know them.

Just like what this OFW dad did to his children. In a post by Facebook user, Juv P. MontaƄer, she shares the heartwarming story of her OFW brother in law and his two daughters. Juv said in her post that her brother in law has been working as a nurse in Dubai for more than 3 years now and have not come home since then.

The daughters named Breanna and Chayyen suffered quite a lot despite their young age. They had to endure being away from their parents as both are working and they were also victims of an Earthquake in Bohol. Yenny said all she wished for is a complete Family for her birthday. She wished to see her Daddy and Mommy on Christmas if not possible on her birthday, and she even said to Juv, “Mommy Juv, I will pray million times because Daddy told me he might come home.”

Little did the kids know that their dad is already planning something for them. He surprised the two while they were dining at Jollibee. He disguised himself as a crew so Breanna and Chayyen did not recognize their Daddy right away but Breanna noticed the handmade bracelet made by her sister Chayyen that was sent to Dubai for their Dad.

Here is the touching video shared bu Juv:

Source: Manila Channel


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