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High School batch '82 Class Reunion Goes Viral after wearing their old school uniform!

High school life is definitely the whirlwind of every student. During this stage, students started to experiment and do crazy stuff. This is also the time wherein training such as creating values and good moral is very critical. The transition from being an immature child into adulthood also happens here. So, this part of a human’s life is also one of the most memorable. So, all are looking forward to a reunion.

However, these group of alumni just made the reminiscing of  their high school life more easy when they decided to wear their old school uniforms in coming to the event. One can only imagine the fun these batch-mates feel when they see their old friends wearing the same school uniform with just a little change in their physical appearance given the passage of time and the ‘aging’ process. To add more fun to their appearance, the girls even decided to tie their hair in pigtails just like they used to. They really look too cute in the photos that made waves online.

In a report …

Pinay Celebrities who Posted Photos of their post-pregnancy bodies!

A lot of woman who gave birth becomes fat or their body significantly changed because of it. It is hard to hear that not because you derelicted your body, but you are too busy on your baby. This is just a part of being a woman, there is nothing you can do about it but be mentally strong because of the people who will judge you because of your post-pregnancy body.

True enough, a womans body is indeed incredible in the way it can be molded. And with that, a lot of stars have been showing their post partum transformation. See these celebs below!

1.Michelle Madrigal
Michelle gave birth to Anika last quarter of 2017. In nearly 2018, she flaunted her post-partum body to inspire all mothers out there to be comfortable with the changes brought about their childbirth.

2.Bangs Garcia
Bang’s latest musings on Instagram are about her experiences before giving birth. She shared compiled snaps of herself taken before pregnancy, during pregnancy and 7 weeks post partum.

3.Ruffa Mae Quinto
The sexy …

A Netizen Posted their Troublesome Experience at a Restaurant in Dampa After Paying Almost 35k!


A Facebook post by an irate netizen detailing his family’s troublesome experience at a seafood restaurant is now viral in the social media. According to a netizen named Aeron Lean, his family decided to go out for lunch to celebrate his grandmother’s birthday. Having heard of its good reviews, they decided to settle for the aforementioned seafood restaurant. Everything was going well. That is, until they dealt with one of the servers.

As stated in the post, one of the restaurant’s employees promised them that they didn’t have to pay if they didn’t enjoy the service. You see, how this restaurant works is customers choose raw plates of seafood and have them cooked by the attendants. Thus, the server offered to personally go and buy the seafood himself to ensure that it was fresh. He even mentioned that he wouldn’t charge them for his services. Convinced of his words, the group agreed.

The family ordered crab, tempura, buttered chicken, salmon, baked mussels, sisig, chopsuey, pancit, an…

This Girl Transformed Herself Into a Hot Chick After a Heartbreak! 'Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Nagpapayat!'


We all know that pain can really make a person change. A single heartbreak could either make you or break you. It could also create a huge impact in your life. We have a story here that tells everyone how pain makes people change for the better.

A woman shared her story on social media who proved that a heartbreak doesn't just change a person in a negative way, but also in a positive way.

A Facebook user named Chang Tadano had posted her story of how she transformed from a chubby girl to a hot chick after she had a painful breakup.

Chang revealed that from her 65 kilograms, her weight was cut down to 48 kilograms in just a matter of seven months.

On her Facebook account, she posted several throwback photos and recent photos that showed her mesmerizing transformation from a chubby woman to a hot and fit lady.

However, her transformations aren't the only thing that captivated netizens' attention, but also the story behind her transformation.

According to Chang, she decided …

Celebrities Jaw-Dropping Transformation When Puberty Hit Them HARD!

The #pubertychallenge was viral on social media a few months back. Various netizens posted their throwback photos first followed by their current photos. The puberty challenge is a trend wherein you will compare your physical appearance before and your physical appearance now.  While there are many netizens who accepted the challenge, there are also artistas who glamorously transformed over the years. "Puberty hits you hard," they say.  Here are the top 10 famous Filipina artists who had an awesome puberty transformation:

KIM CHIU - she rose to fame after winning the first "Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition" and won numerous Best Actress awards from award-giving bodies.

TONI GONZAGA - she moved to the Kapamilya network years after having a show in GMA7. She is now one of the most sought after TV hosts in the industry.

KATHRYN BERNARDO - her stint as Mara in ABS-CBN's "Mara Clara" remake was the breakthrough in her showbiz career. She is currently the m…

Sunshine Cruz Reportedly Lost P2 Million Pesos To A Friend


Kapamilya actress Sunshine Cruz reportedly devasted after an incident happened to her. The actress is currently a part of the hit series "Wild Flower" and she is currently overflowing with projects.   According to a report from Abante, the actress has been devastated after losing a whopping P2-million to a friend who didn't return it on the said date.

Sunshine has lost the money to a friend who promised to return P1-million on December 22 and the balance on December 28. Sunshine reportedly said in a post: "A friend will never do such a thing. I think I've given her enough time to return/settle what is mine.." The report showed the conversation between Sunshine and the unknown friend, which the actress herself allegedly posted on Facebook. Sunshine was referred to by her friend as "Shine" and since even the nickname of the said friend was never mentioned, the actress herself might have redacted it from the conversation for the sake of keeping her frien…

1 buwang walang Ligo! Shamcey shared her Experience during Post Partum Depression!

Shamcey Supsup shared one of her struggles after giving birth 2 years ago. Because she is married to a Chines businessman, Her in-laws advised her to undego 'Ge lai'. Ga lai is a post partum healing process in chinese wherein the mother is not allowed to take a bath for a month after giving birth. Shamcey shared that since her husband was Chinese, her mother-in-law recommended that she undergo “Ge-lai” or a traditional Chinese healing process.

It involves the mother simply resting at home for a month. During that time, she is given warm food and herbs, and avoids eating or drinking anything cold. This also means that the mother is not allowed to bathe for the entire duration, even with warm water.

Shamcey shared that not being able to bathe was one of the things that caused her to experience postpartum depression. “I felt icky and I could not go out of the house for one month. But I knew it was good for me because according to my mother-in-law, those who have experienced ‘ge …

These 5 Everyday Habits Are Causing You to Gain Weight


It's no secret that eating healthy and exercising more are the keys to a successful weight loss, but those aren't the only things that factor into a healthy lifestyle. 
Most of us just don't understand that our normal everyday habits can thwart us from getting the body that we want. Did you know that each one of us has some or other habits that contribute to weight gain? 

Take a look at these everyday habits that could be sabotaging your body goals:

1. You Sleep too much

Getting enough sleep is essential, but did you know that too much sleep can be just as bad as not getting enough. Oversleeping is linked to diabetes and heart disease. According to a recent study, snoozing for more than 10 hours a night can result in a higher body mass index. 2. Skipping Breakfast

 If you are one of those people who skip on daily breakfast, you are messing up your metabolism. When you eat breakfast, it increases your energy and lowers the stress hormone. Eating breakfast can make it easier to cu…