High School batch '82 Class Reunion Goes Viral after wearing their old school uniform!

High school life is definitely the whirlwind of every student. During this stage, students started to experiment and do crazy stuff. This is also the time wherein training such as creating values and good moral is very critical. The transition from being an immature child into adulthood also happens here. So, this part of a human’s life is also one of the most memorable. So, all are looking forward to a reunion.

However, these group of alumni just made the reminiscing of  their high school life more easy when they decided to wear their old school uniforms in coming to the event. One can only imagine the fun these batch-mates feel when they see their old friends wearing the same school uniform with just a little change in their physical appearance given the passage of time and the ‘aging’ process. To add more fun to their appearance, the girls even decided to tie their hair in pigtails just like they used to. They really look too cute in the photos that made waves online.

In a report by Definitely Filipino, the said photos were first shared by Facebook user, Tess Rubillos who turned out to be a daughter of one of the members of the hilarious and creative “Batch ’82”. Rubillos said that the photos were taken during the 2018 Grand Alumni Homecoming which their class hosted together with Batch ’74. She said they came from HCHS but did not spell out the name of the school.

 “HCHS Batch ’82. We hosted the 2018 Grand Alumni Homecoming together with Batch ’74. We reconnected, reunited, and reminisced together with our former school teachers in Chemistry, Algebra, Economics, History and P.E.,” said Rubillos in a comment to the post of Fanpage Walwal.

Source: Giz Trend Zone


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