Filipino Male Celebrities Who Look Dashing in Their 40's and 50's

These leading men and celebrities have proven that age is just a number. A few wrinkles on their handsome visage actually adds to their appeal, although or many of them, 40 looks like the new 30 or even 20.  

Here is a list of Pinoy Male Celebrities who still look dashing in their 40's:

1. Ian Veneracion, 43

He is the most handsome and in-demand leading man in the showbiz industry. He may not look like it, but the dude's 40 years old. Ian's handsomeness is perfect from every angle. 

2. Derek Ramsay, 41

 Derek Ramsay makes girls go crazy over his good looks. He is a Filipino-British model, actor, host and former VJ in the Philippines. Derek is already in his 40's but still looks hot. 

3. Richard Gomez, 51

 Richard Gomez is the original "tall, dark and handsome" leading man in the showbiz industry. As a little boy, Richard always got compliments on his looks from his parents' friends. 

4. Robin Padilla, 53

From 'Bad Boy' to 'Liver Lover Boy', Robin has become one of the most in-demand seasoned actors the n showbiz industry. 

5. Gabby Concepion, 51

Gabby started as a matinee idol in the '80s and has transcedned his showbiz career. He was able to make a comeback after his showbiz break. The '80's hearththrob is still a bankable leading mant doay through his high-rating soaps. 

6. Albert Martinez, 54

With a career spanning over three decades in showbiz, Albert remains one of the most sought-after actors and leading men. 

7.  Piolo Pascual, 41

 Papa P is still the dream guy for many girls. He is no doubt, one of the most handsome faces in the Philippine Showbizzness. 

8. Richard Yap, 50

Richard has set the trend of how to be hearthrob in his 50's. He has captured the hearts women, from all age and from all walks of life. Even at his age, he still managed to capture the hearts of young and old women.


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