Meet Ali Padilla, the only son of Robin Padilla!

The Padillas are one of the most prominent families in the Philippine showbiz industry. This clan was able to dominate the entertainment industry primarily because of their looks and the contrasts in their acting styles. Their patriarch, action star Robin Padilla, is a very well-known actor who has had multiple blockbuster hit movies. Aside from his own achievements, he is also proud of his children who are also trying to build their own name.

Meet Robin Padilla’s son with his ex-wife Liezl Sicango, “Ali Padilla,” who is already all grown up and might be ready for showbiz. The legendary actor Robin Padilla had a son with his ex-wife Liezl Sicango in 2001. Their child was named Ali Padilla, who spend his handsome teen lives with his mother in Australia. He was also the brother of Kylie Padilla, who is currently a Kapuso Star.

Aside from Daniel Padilla, Ali could be also the next of the biggest star in the Philippines and might follow the footsteps of his father. Ali is now all grown up and will be turning 17 this 2018. At the age of 16, Ali really got the looks and charisma of his father. Ali lives in Australia with his mother and is practicing Islam as well. In 2010, he became a part of his father’s TV series, ‘Joaquin Bordado’.

Source: Youtube


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