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How to get Rid of Menstrual Cramps Naturally and Fast?

More than half of women who menstruate report some pain from period cramps for a day or two each month. While menstrual cramps, also called dysmenorrhea, are usually not a sign of a serious health condition, they can put a crimp in your lifestyle.

To help with the pain, here are some safe and effective tactics. If your period cramps seem severe or you don't get relief despite trying some of these options, check with your doctor to rule out more serious health issues.

Use light compression – many receive relief by using a heating pad, often accompanied by a pillow on top for additional relief.

Drink warm beverages – the stomach will feel more relaxed and comfortable if you choose a nice herbal tea.

Try warmth – in addition to a heating pad, try a warm shower or bath. Even a light blanket will help warm and relax your body. Add some nice aromatherapy to increase relaxation.

Lie down – lying down will often alleviate the pressure on your lower back. Coupled with some light stretchin…

Signs that Your Body has many Toxins and What to Do About It

You think you’re healthy, but you don’t feel vibrant? You struggle to find the energy to get through the day. You’re irritable. Your stomach isn’t acting right. And all those headaches! These types of ailments affect many of us in our daily lives. They’re not serious enough to warrant a trip to the doctor — or maybe you tried only to be told there was nothing wrong — but they still tend to drag you down, wearing away your resistance and leaving you feeling like you’re just getting old.

But it probably has nothing to do with aging. Instead, you may simply be surrounded by too many toxins.

1. Consistent fatigue

Even if you’re sleeping well, you may fight to get through the day. This could be a sign that your body is working too hard to get rid of the toxins you’re pouring into it. How do you cope with fatigue? If you’re answer is “more coffee” or “sweet foods,” you can bet that you’re only making the problem worse. That fatigue could also be in response to hormone disruptors that are z…

How to use Rose Petals in order to lose weight naturally

Getting rid of the excess flab from body could be difficult. And if all your tries have been in vain so far, here is a home remedy which you need the most. Use rose petals to shed those extra pounds from your body and get back in shape.

Rose petals have always been a part of the Indian tradition. Used as a decorative item, rose has compounds that contain anti-septic and anti-fungal properties.

What's more! The compounds found in rose petals can be one of the best ways to clear acne and blemishes. Besides, these amazing uses, rose petals have laxative and diuretic properties which can help you clear the stomach, remove toxins from the body and improve metabolism and digestion, eventually leading to weight loss.

Adding cinnamon powder to rose petal mix can further help you burn down the excess fat and improve digestion.

How to use rose petals
Use few fresh rose petals, around 10-15 and put them in a glass of boiling water. Let it boil till the water becomes pinkish. Now add a pinch…

Xian Gaza invited Myrtle Sarrosa for a Movie Date with an Edited Avengers Infinity War Poster!

Xian Gaza, who is probably the most controversial person these days, has caused another stir online. Fresh out of jail, online personality Xian Gaza is at it again with lavish attempts to ask celebrities out, this time with Pinoy Big Brother winner Myrtle Sarrosa. After he asked out Erich Gonzales out via a gigantic (read: creepy) billboard, Xian has just set his eyes on former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Myrtle Sarrosa.

Xian Gaza took to Facebook on April 22 to post a movie date request to Myrtle. It was not as lavish and outrageous as the billboard he made for Erich last year, but he exhausted a fairly commendable amount of effort by editing the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War” poster through replacing the characters’ faces with his and Myrtle’s faces.

Gaza first gained the attention in 2017 after he commissioned a billboard to invite Erich Gonzales for coffee. The actress rejected the invitation.

Gaza found himself in jail on April 12 after surrendering to police when two arres…

A Group of Friends, Used Invisible Car to Order at Jollibee via Drive Thru

A number of fast-foods found in the Metro have a drive thru for convenience to people who wants to order a quick takeout meal from a store. But in order for you to order in a drive thru is that you must have a vehicle. You may have experienced that a fast-food has its rush hour when every counter has a ton of people lined up all the way to the entrance. Just imagine, you and your barkada are starving as everyone within a 5-mile radius is gathered at your favorite Jollibee branch.

That is what exactly happened to Dave Calma and his friends who wanted to grab a bite at Jollibee. Instead of giving up or waiting for the long line of people to thin out, Dave and his friends came up with a bright and hilarious idea: driving an imaginary car to the drive-thru. Eventually, the video of these guys’ ingenious method of getting past the long queue at a Jollibee branch has gone viral. With the group laughing at their own crazy antics, they positioned themselves as if they were riding inside a r…

5 Former Child Stars Who Grew Up to be Super Hotties



These former child stars started out as cute little boys and girls that have now become insanely hotties and gorgeous teenagers. Some of them have chosen to leave the limelight and chose different paths. Some of them pursued their acting career.  Now, these cute little children have now grown up and had an amazing transformation.

Check out these former child stars who grew up to be super hotties:

1. Jillian Ward

It seems like the former child wonder Jillian Ward, or popularly known as GMA's 'Trudis Liit' is now paving her way to tween stardom. This cute little child from GMA is now a super hot and gorgeous young lady.

2. Mika Dela Cruz

Teen actress Mika Dela Cruz practically grew up on television. She is the younger sister of Angelika Dela Cruz. This 18-year-old mestiza beauty was born to show off her acting skills and her passion for modeling.

3. Andrea Brilliantes

Andrea Brilliantes is a Filipina child actress best known for playing the title character in the 2013 prim…

This Decent-Looking Woman Was Caught On CCTV Stealing Her Friend's iPhone 6 Plus


There are a lot of criminals in our modern day world today. Some of them are closer to you than you think. There are some children who steal money from their parent's wallet and friends who simply take things from each other without consent. 
Just like what this good-looking woman did who was identified as Maria Angela Licayan. She was caught on CCTV camera stealing her friend's iPhone 6 plus from her bag. 
According to the victim, she left her bag with her "friend" because she never thought she'd betray and steal from her. 

The victim named Christine Dapitan shared that they are close friends. Christine helped the woman and befriended her previous to the theft.

Christine then realized that she had lost her iPhone and asked the building of the company to show her the CCTV footage. To her shock, Maria Angela Licayan, her so-called "friend" was seen taking the iPhone from Christine's bag after she left it with her. 

Christine was so betrayed and enraged th…

Look at the Before-and-After Photos of Billy and Coleen's Wedding Setup that Made Use of 46, 000 Stems of Flowers

Celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia officially tied the knot last Friday, April 20 in Balesin Island. Just like what the actress said last year in an interview, they went for a beach wedding venue and we spotted the setup on Instagram.

After several prenup teasers, the couple finally had the most beautiful wedding they can ever imagine. The couple had one request to their wedding planners and that is to match the sea behind them as they exchanged vows.

The before and after shots of their wedding venue was captured by Gideon Hermosa, the couple's events planner. The venue was transformed into a dreamy and magical wedding venue that made the most memorable wedding of this year.

According to him, they took inspiration from one of the world's most beautiful coastlines, the French Riviera, for the overall look of the venue.

Hermosa and La Belle Fete, co-planned the wedding and used 3 colors: powder blue, lavender, and lilac to fit the couple's desired motifs and…

This Generous Netizen Helps Elderly Couple Build Their House Made of Scrap Materials


A generous and kind netizen named Linda Mendoza, went viral all over social media after netizens praised and admired her for being generous. 
In the latest episode of the GMA's 'Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho', the elderly couple Lolo Hermie and Lola Tuna Castel from Barangay Carol-an in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental was given a fresh start after a generous netizen helped them fixed their home. 

The elderly couple has been living in a house made of scrap materials for more than 30 years and has proven that love conquers all for better or for worse. 
According to Lolo Hermie, it was him who personally built the small house after they decided to leave their first house on the mountain. The couple's source of income is just mainly from plowing fields and mowing of grass. 

Linda Mendoza, the kind netizen temporarily stayed in Bacolod City because of her business, she took photos of the couple's house and posted on social media on March 27. 

Her post went viral all over social…

6 Detox Food na Mabisa pa sa Apple Cider Vinegar upang Luminis ang Katawan!

Mahalagang pinapanatili nating malinis ang ating katawan mula sa anumang toxins na maaring pumasok dito upang maiwasan natin ang anumang mga sakit at manatiling maging malusog sa pang araw araw. Ang paraa ng ndetoxification ay ginagawa upang maalis lahat ng dumi sa ating katawan. Ang pagkain ng mga ganito ay maaring makatulong upang mapanatiling malinis ang ating mga katawan!

Isa sa kilalang panglinis ng ating katawan ay ang apple cider vinegar. Ngunit alam niyo ba na hindi naman sa apple cider lang ang mabisang paraan upang maalis ang mga toxins sa ating katawan? Maaring gumamit o kumain din ng mga ganitong uri ng pagkain upang mapanatiling malinis ang katawan.

Wallnuts - Ang wallnuts ay nagtataglay ng napakadaming nutrients na maaring magdetoxify ng katawan. Matapang ang black wallnuts at kayang kaya netong puksain ang mga mikrobyo sa katawan. Pati na rin ang mga parasites na naiipon sa katawan ay maari nitong patayin.

Turmeric - Sikat ang turmeric bilang bahaga ng pagkain lalo na …