Meet the Hardworking and Talented Granddaughter of Henry Sy

Owner of Sm Supermalls, Henry Sy is a Chinese Filipino business magnate, investor and philantropist who is invloed in several real estate, banking, mining, education and health care industries in the Philippines. 
Henry Sy is considered as the current CEO of SM Prime Holdings, Incorporation which is one of the largest firms in Asia Country.
Henry Sy has a hardworking granddaughter who is slowly making a name for herself as she shows off a mix of both talent and beauty.

Nicole Coson is the 24 year old granddaughter of Hnery Sy to his daughter Teresita "Tessie" Sy Coson who is the BDO Chairperson and Vice Chaiperson of Sm Investment Corporation. 
Henry's granduaghter is becoming a trending topic again as netizens were in awe as she slowly established a name in the industry of arts which is very far from the sciences off business wherein the Sy family is a big play-maker in the country.

Nicole is a visual artist and for her, art is business and plesure put together. She loves the path that she chose even if it was very much different from her family's best interest. 
She is currently living in London and also ventured to Singapore to some learning in other artistic media. Nicole learned the art of pottery at Jalan Bahar Clay Studios in 2016. 

A lot of people judges her work as sheis a granddaughter of the richest businessman in the country that's why Nicole is inspred to do more about her passion for arts. 
Nicole has already estbalished her own art studion which is among the top art galleries in the whole world. 
Netizens were surprised that the young woman veered away from the usual interest of her whole family lineage which is mostly in business.
What do you think of Henry Sy's granddaughter? Isn't she talented and lovely?


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